Australian Immigration Visa

Australian covers rich and featured life style for all those who migrate to Australian for work or any other purpose. Lot of people migrates to Australia for job purposes, and fined the best place in to life the batter life in abroad.

Australian have also migration plans like other countries, here we will discuss about the basic overview of Australian immigration visas.

Basic overview to Australian immigration visa:

Australian offers different types of immigration plan, but here we will discuss about the more required and common immigration visa plans.

  1. Independent skilled visa plan
  2. Sponsored skilled visa plan

As an overview, first we will inform you those things which are common for both of plans and all other immigration plans.

  • For skilled visa “Occupation” is in demand
  • Second things is “English language” in fluent

For independent skilled visa plan there is a list of jobs which will be provided to you by Australian government carrying all those job categories which are required in Australia and you must have excellent experience regarding the job titles.

In addition, you must have excellent fluency in English to just think about skilled Australian visa plan, for that purpose you must have ilets for good English.

There some classes and plans involve in immigration visa plans, but we will discuss just basic info here

Independent skilled visa plan:

Independent skilled visa plan have some key points which you must have to know about if you want to migrate to Australia under the skilled visa plan.

  • High level of English language required
  • High level of experience is required
  • Must be education regarding the education related to job base
  • It’s very long process and also not surety to get this type of visa

There are also Assessment and skilled select base visas immigration, which have some reliability to apply but it’s also high ranked and points game, which you must have to score to apply.

Sponsored skilled visa plan:

More reliable and convenient base plan is sponsored visa plan; this plan has also some key points which you should know about before apply.

  • More occupations are involved in this plan as compare to independent plan
  • Not highly skilled level is required in this plan
  • No need high level of English fluency
  • Easy reach to Australia for job and immigration
  • You can get business sponsorship from Australian
  • You can also find sponsor to migrate to Australia
  • Agent’s involvement is mandatory, because it also long process but easy then independent plan


For both of visa plans, you must need agent, because it’s very difficult and complex process, so an agent can direct you in a batter way to migrate to Australia.