Australian Visit Visa

Australia covers mind blowing and wondering beauty of nature. Lot of people from all over the world, visit to Australia for pleasure seeking. People not only come to Australia for just visit, there are also more options for a person who have dynamic quality in life. There are lot of things which you can do while on visit to Australia like study pattern subway and search for job opportunities.

Here we will discuss about the fundamental information about Australian visit visa scenario.

Applying to Australian visit visa:

There are official Australian websites, which includes all information which is mandatory to get visit visa. All the rules and regulations which are necessary  for visit visa you can get from that visit visa foams.

Its would be very helpful for you if you find an appropriate person which will help you to get visit visa like agent, because it’s a very long and complex process from start to end, and if you miss wrongly miss an important step, high chances of rejection your visit visa foam.


Is it possible to convert visit visa for permanent residence:

Its not possible normally to change your visit visa into permanent residence, it somebody tells you for permanent residence while having the visit visa, its just scan.

This scenario is possible in only one way, that while on visit you got job opportunity from your home country in Australia, so you can send a request for a work permit, it’s a long process but 50/50 chance to get job permit in Australia


Basic requirements for Australian visit visa:

There are lot of things involve to apply for Australian visit visa. But clear your mind, we will provide you a unique outline of requirements which you really need to apply for Australian visit visa.

  • Valid passport, it means that its expiry should be long then your visit visa plan
  • Attach your past travel history in case you visited any country before Australia you must have to attach it
  • Family registration form and valid ID cards for family
  • If married, then attach official marriage certificate too
  • You must need to submit the fee for Australian visit visa (vary according time to time)
  • Passport size pictures (fresh)
  • Your complete home residence in your home country must file in visa form
  • If you are doing job, so attach all information of organization where you work
  • You bank balance and full account information is also mandatory to show in the visa form


After completing the information from embassy, the related department will inform you about the visa conformation during a couple of business days.


Click here to reach appropriate website to apply for Australian visit visa: