Canada Immigration Visa

Canada offer immigration plans for all those, who have interest to work and get permanent residence in Canada. Canada change policies every year regarding immigration quota. Here you will get upgraded information about Canada immigration visa.

Lot of persons immigrates to Canada for permanent residence and work purposes. Most of people apply on student visa and then try to get job there, here is good news for them, who want to get permanent residence and also looking for job permit.


Information regarding Canadian immigration visa:

Here is some basic info provided for you, if you are interested to work and get permanent residence in Canada. Hope this information will gives you brief information regarding Canadian immigration plan.

  • Now Canada interring Pakistan to “most relevant nations”, so lot of policies are changed for Pakistan which are more reliable to apply than before
  • The amazing thing about Canada is that, you can change your visit visa into work visa and permanent residence, it’s take long process but now its possible
  • Now Canada offering lot of immigrants visas for different countries, in which the skilled persons can apply easily
  • Canada offering different classes for immigration visas like “Federal skilled worker class/trade class and Canadian experience class”
  • The experienced persons can apply for job without job offer from Canada through website or agent
  • Every type of job category is mentioned in website site, in which almost all type of job titles are included by Canada in which you can apply according to your skill and desired category of work
  • Now from 2019 minimum fourteen year’s study (graduation) is required by Canada for immigration
  • If you have 7. Band in ilets, so you can apply for job, but the English proficiency should be grater then average
  • Minimum fifteen thousand Canadian dollars should be in your account to apply for immigration
  • You did not need job offer at all from Canadian firm, you can directly apply for Canada having skill or diploma in categorized form from Canada, so you are eligible for immigration visa
  • From low level to high level, every job category is included into immigration visa plan, all the rules are changed then before which are now suitable for a normal skilled and diploma holder person
  • You can choose any province of Canada from website to apply for work and any type immigration plan
  • Every information is available on Canadian website, you can apply through website or can get help of an agent, which is much better to apply than selfly


These all above key points are involved into Canadian immigration all plans, choosing any plan to immigrate Canada, you must follow these instructions and information, which will really help you to get success in your mission.