Canada Work Visa

In recent months finding work in the United States has become somewhat complicated due to existing restrictions, so Canada has become a good alternative if you decide to go to work in another country or if you want to combine studies and work to live an experience abroad.

In addition to being one of the countries with the highest standard of living in the world, Canada also stands out for its multiculturalism since it receives immigrants from many places. For this reason, we will analyze, then, the first step you should take: obtain a visa to work.


Visa work Canada: what types exist

The type of visa will depend on many aspects such as the following:

  • What nationality do you have and what is the country in which you reside.
  • How long will you stay last?
  • What kind of work are you going to do?
  • If you go to work and study at the same time.

In general, two types of work visa can be distinguished in Canada:

Temporary work visa in Canada

This body issues an “opinion on the labor market” (“Labor Market Opinion” or “Avis Sur le marché du travail”) in which it is specified that the future employer has not found a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to occupy the position and therefore can give employment to a foreigner.

Some work activities are exempt from the temporary work permit application. They are the following:

  • Performers and support staff;
  • Athletes and trainers;
  • Judges and referees of sports or cultural competitions;
  • Speakers;
  • Religious men and women;
  • Air accident investigators;
  • University researchers;
  • Officials from certain foreign countries and their families;
  • Journalists and media representatives;
  • Congress organizers;
  • Military personnel.
  • An employment advisor will determine if the job offer meets the salary requirements and pre-established working conditions for that occupation.
  • Once the job offer is approved, a validation will be issued and sent to the respective consular authorities. In the event that the employer decides to extend the work period, the application must be submitted before the expiration date of the current authorization.


  • Openwork permit:
  • With this permission, you can work with any employer in Canada, except for those who do not meet certain legally established conditions.
  • Employer-specific work permits. It is a permit to work with a specific employer. This permit will detail the name of the employer and the time of work.

For the case in which you decide to perform a temporary job you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Show that you will leave the country at the end of the duration of the work permit.
  • Prove that you have money for your stay in Canada and for your trip back to your home country.
  • Provide a criminal record certificate.
  • Not work for a “non-conforming” company according to the laws of Canada.
  • Submit any document required by the Canadian authorities.

If you want more information about the visa work Canada you can access the page of the Canadian Government here.

Work visas to Canada with which you can study and work

In the case that you prefer to study and work at the same time to pay for the course, you wish to take work visas to Canada are different. First of all, you should keep in mind that courses to learn English do not allow you to work in Canada.

We can distinguish three types of permits in relation to work and studies:

  • The student permit. You will have to ask if the course you take in Canada lasts more than six months. With this permission, you can work at the same time.
  • The postgraduate permit. If you have completed a course at an authorized institution and it has lasted a minimum of eight months, you can request this permit.
  • The working holiday It will depend on your nationality that you can ask for this permission. Its duration is one year, you must be between 18 and 35 years old to request it, you must be able to take out medical insurance and have 2,500 Canadian dollars

As a result of all of the above, the Canadian work visa you need will depend on your situation and what you want to obtain in Canada.

Study and work in Canada

As you should know, with your work visa you can work, so you can not take a look at these incredible experiences.