Carpenter Job in Germany

Carpenter Job in Germany

Detailed about Job offers in Germany

Many German companies urgently seek qualified personnel. Foreign applicants have good opportunities in many professions. Here you will find the best tips and links.

The German labor market needs competent women and men. Qualified foreign personnel has good opportunities to find a job.

According to a study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation in February 2019, Germany depends on immigration from non-European countries: by 2060, Germany will need annual immigration of at least 260,000 people. There is an annual average of 114,000 immigrants from other EU countries. This means that around 146,000 women and men would have to emigrate from countries outside the EU.

In December 2018, the German Government passed a Law on Immigration of Professionals, which aims to facilitate the entry into the German labor market of non-EU foreigners with qualified training. The law has yet to be approved by the Bundestag (German Parliament). It is expected to enter into force in early 2020.

What are the most demanded professions in Germany?

  • Software developers, software architects, programmers
  • Electronics technicians, electricians, installers
  • Nurses and health workers
  • IT consultants, IT analysts
  • Economists, business economists
  • Sales executives, customer advisors, account managers
  • Production assistants
  • Distribution employees, distribution assistants
  • Sales Manager, Product Managers
  • Architects, civil engineers

Here you will find more information about the most demanded professions in Germany in 2019

Do they have foreign possibilities of getting a job in Germany?

In some professions, foreign specialists have very good possibilities. For example, there are many vacant workplaces for engineers, doctors, nurses, and manual professions.

What are the highest paid jobs in Germany?

Scientists, doctors, and engineers are among the highest-paid professional groups. What you earn in Germany does not depend only on the profession. There are also regional differences in wages:

Who are the best employers in Germany?

Two new classifications show which companies are popular and which employers have a particularly good reputation in Germany. A German company was especially convincing. Here you will find the ten best German employers.

  1. SAP
  2. Google Germany
  3. BMW
  4. Paypal
  5. Daimler
  6. Bayer
  7. Frosta
  8. Adidas
  9. Cougar
  10. Cisco Systems

How to find work in Germany?

If you are interested in working in Germany, you can contact the Employment Agency or use important job portals and business networks. In addition to traditional job boards, innovative applications offer amazing access to the labor market.

Job boards in Germany

An important point of contact for the individual advice of foreign personnel is the Central Placement Office (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency.

How to apply for a job in Germany?

We offer you many tips for your application, for example, what documents and certificates you should submit and how to structure a curriculum vitae for German companies. And we also tell you what mistakes you should avoid when submitting your application.

If the presentation was positive, you should know what impresses the German personnel managers. We have gathered information about what to expect in the job application interview, with the best advice, from preparation to dress code.

How to apply for a job in Germany

How to avoid mistakes in the job application

Tips for the job interview

Nor is it bad to know the five most important rules of interpersonal relationships in companies. And we also inform you about the most important terms and rituals at work.

Where can I find information about vocational training in Germany?

You are not yet a specialist, but would you like to carry out a professional training or an advanced course in Germany? There are many possibilities for this. Here you will find information about dual training and tips for finding a training place:

How to find a vocational training place in Germany?

More than 330 professions of your choice: how to find a training place in Germany.

As a child, Rodrigo was fascinated by cars. When he had to choose a profession, he said: “What is the best place to learn about cars? Germany! ”That’s why Rodrigo went from Spain to Germany to learn the profession of motor vehicle mechatronics technician, who is now finishing. Germany is not only synonymous with high-quality cars, but also with an excellent training system. The dual training provides practical training in the firm and in parallel theoretical learning in a vocational school. With German professional training, you access the best professional opportunities internationally.

How high is the income tax in Germany?

Perhaps you have heard that the German tax system is very complicated? Here we explain the most important thing about the income tax in Germany.

Where can I find information about visas and work permits in Germany?

The multilingual portal provides information on work permits and visas, job search, qualifications, knowledge of German, language courses, work environment and formalities in daily life, especially for foreign specialists.

Reference: 10000-1173675133-S

Job title: Tischler / in

Employer: HeiBa GmbH

Company Size: 3

Job Description

We are looking for immediate entrance for our customer
in the room Kehl

carpenter (m / w / d)

Your tasks are:
– manufacture and installation of furniture
– assembly work in the interior
– guidance of the subordinate employees
– organization of work processes

We expect:
– completed vocational training as a carpenter (m / w / d) or similar education
– very good knowledge and experience
– self-employed and structured working
– creativity, organizational skills, and flexibility
– reliability and sense of responsibility

We offer:
– Oversized compensation
– varied activities
– additional services
– an open-ended employment relationship

Have you become curious?

Apply now for 24 hours on 7 days at:

We will examine your application immediately and contact you in the next few days.

We look forward to a first, personal get-together!

Your HeiBa team

Type of job offer: Workplace

Workplace: 77694 Kehl, Rhine, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany

Number of vacancies: 2


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