Doctor buys ‘Aladdin’s lamp’ for over Rs6.67mn

Two swindlers allegedly duped a doctor into buying an “Aladdin’s lamp” for Rs6.67 million and promised that it would bring him wealth and health in Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to the details, two men took a woman whom they described as their ‘ailing mother’ to a clinic in Meerut area of Uttar Pradesh for treatment.

Later, Dr LA Khan started visiting their home to treat the ‘old woman’ and the visits continued for over a month. Gradually, the fraudsters started telling the doctors about a ‘baba’ whom they claimed also visited their home. They urged the doctor to meet the ‘baba’. On their request, the doctor met with the baba who performed some religious rituals in the house.

One day, the men offered the doctor to sell a ‘magical lamp’ that would bring him wealth and health. As part of the con, the men managed to summon a “genie” from the lamp to convince the doctor.

They demanded more than $200,000 for the lamp but settled for a down payment of Rs6672,161. But when the doctor reached his home and tried to summon the “genie”, he realized that he has been swindled. The doctor approached the police and lodged a case in this regard, NDTV reported.

Taking action on the report, the police conducted raids at different places and arrested the two suspects. However, one of the female members is still at large.

A police officer said, “We have found that the same men went to other homes in the city too and cheated many families.”



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