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  • Work and live in Dubai

Work and live in Dubai

Dubai is one of the main cities in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the best cities in the world where to find very good opportunities to have a good salary.

That is why I have prepared this guide to work and live in Dubai, so you know everything you have to do to get a job in one of the most fascinating and developed cities in the Middle East.

Requirements to work in Dubai

To work in Dubai it may not be necessary to speak Arabic, but a good level of English is essential, But labor jobs didn’t require anyone.

The main requirement, apart from English, is to have a work visa. For this you need a company that sponsors you, that is to say, that you hire and process your employment permit. They only do this when they really need someone with a certain profile that they don’t find among the local and emigrant population they already have.

Types of work in Dubai

In Dubai, there are more foreigners than locals, and the vast majority of the immigration they receive is from developing countries that provide cheap labor, especially in the construction sector. Pakistanis, Indians, and Filipinos are the most abundant nationalities in this city.

For Westerners, there are also job opportunities with much higher salaries, but always in skilled jobs and command positions.

The most demanded professions in which they hire foreigners and good salaries are the following:

  • Engineers
  • Sales/ Marketing
  • Architects
  • Labor
  • Project Manager
  • Receptionists
  • Hotel manager
  • waiter
  • Call Center agent with languages etc

 Work in an airline

In Dubai, as I mentioned earlier, there is a high demand for pilots and other professions related to aviation such as hostess.

The main aviation companies in Dubai are Fly Dubai and Emirates.

Work in hospitals

In the world of medicine, there are also a large number of vacancies. A company that is dedicated to recruiting nursing professionals is MediLink Dubai.

You can also send your resume directly to the most important hospitals, such as:

  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Iranian Hospital Dubai
  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Lifeline Hospital

How to look for work in Dubai

To find a job in Dubai, it is best to do it online “evisaabroad.com”, in specialized portals where you can find offers that fit your profile.

As it is the company that has to process the visa to work, if they are interested in your candidacy and you are in your country, they carry out the entire selection process through Skype and even on many occasions they pay you the one-way ticket and First weeks of accommodation.

Live in Dubai

Living in Dubai is expensive, although the salary you can receive makes up for it a lot.

Health insurance

If you are going to look for work in Dubai, it is very important that you go with medical insurance, since the hospitals there are very expensive and do not even attend you if you do not have money to pay.

The most economical and simple option for the first months may be to take out travel insurance with good medical coverage, something that will not cost you more than Rs:10000 per month.

One of the best and cheapest is that of MONDO, in which you also have a 5% discount if you hire it through this link.

Curious things about life in Dubai

Before you go to live in Dubai there are several things you should know, since it is a totally different culture from the western one and there are many things that could shock you.

You cannot live with your partner unless you are married.

Sex outside marriage is not allowed, under penalty of jail. You cannot give kisses and shows of affection to your partner in public. There are no taxes on natural persons. If you are a tax resident in UAE, your salary and other income you receive, such as for the rental of real estate is totally tax-free. Yes, taxes are paid on some things like hotel stays, restaurants and alcohol.

Job offers in Dubai

Electrical in charge:

Company name: “international Cap LLC

offered a job: Electrical in charge

Job area: Accommodation insurance

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree holder person can apply

Experience: 2 to 5 years of experience.

For Apply: https://dbzl.it/2MQ76Wf


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