Job for Top Management Officer “Vice President – Operations Support Services”

Department Definition

1:- Sustainability, 2:- Site Management, 3:- Cleaning and Waste Material Mgt, 4:- Logistics and 5:- Site Mgt.

The role of the Operations: OSS is a department by whom organization manage all the activites across the Expo 2020, This Project includes following services.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Vice President – Operations Support Services will lead the event time Operations Support Services Function, responsible for the oversight and execution of Logistics, FM hard and soft Services, Overlay and Sustainability for the event period, ensuring that all Functions within the department execute their services to the specified standard.

The main responsibilities for this role include:

– Lead the development of the event time strategy for multiple functions Cleaning & Waste Management, Logistics, Site Management, Landlord Asset Handover and Sustainability, ensuring optimization of budget and resources as well as delivery of services at the agreed standards; 

– Management of service levels with all Functions; 

– Develop an Event Safety Strategy which is embraced by the Senior Leadership Team and developed and implemented through the business;

– Lead event time event time operational planning and execution methodology; 

– Assume all commercial and contractual responsibility for LOG, SMA, CWM, LLD;  

– Champion the development of culture and values that the department will embody pre and during the event (linked to the overarching corporate values of Excellence, Cooperation, Integrity, Respect, and Humility);

– Lead the planning, implementation and delivery of site governance, business as usual operational planning, incident, crisis and emergency planning;

– Manage multiple streams of services and ensure integration between the teams delivering these services
Operational Responsibilities;

– Assure the quality and timeliness of the LOG, SMA, CWM, LLD and STB Departments’ key deliverables (e.g. Guidelines, Policies, Procedures, Reporting etc.); 

– Support the DOO on the management of the Department budget and headcount plans.


15+ years within a minimum 5+ Years’ experience in the event industry specifically working on operational development and in delivering large programmes:

– A Bachelors Degree within a relevant field;

– Strong understanding of versatile services required to upkeep a large event for a long period of time;

– An executive level of understanding for all Event Operations Functions (Catering, Cleaning & Waste, Logistics, Traffic Transport & Parking, Site Management, Guest Services, Venue Operations);

– Demonstrated experience of operational strategy, planning and delivery; 

– Demonstrated ability to operate at an Executive level, including reporting and communication; 

– Experience of building a detailed Event Operations budget;

– Experience of managing and building multiple work streams (Functions);

– Demonstrated ability of program management of a significant number of projects;

– Desirable(advantageous ) • Major event senior leadership delivery experience.


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