Maskless woman thrown off flight after coughing on passengers

A maskless woman was filmed coughing at other passengers as she was removed from a flight for not covering her face during a 50-minute flight.  

The incident was reported in the EasyJet flight in Northern Ireland which was due to take off from Belfast to Edinburgh on October 18.

The woman started yelling about death and coughing on other passengers as she was booted from the plane.

“Everybody dies, you know that?!” the woman yells at a flight attendant. “Whether it’s corona or not! Everybody dies!” As she walks down the aisle and coughs on passengers, she reiterates that sentiment.

The woman was reportedly arrested at the airport in Belfast after leaving the plane.

“In line with EASA [European Aviation Safety Agency] guidelines, all passengers are currently required to bring their own face covering for their flight which must be worn during boarding and onboard, except when eating or drinking,” Easyjet said in a statement.

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“Passengers receive clear communications before they travel and via announcements onboard to ensure they are aware of this requirement for the health and safety of everyone onboard. We will not tolerate disruptive behavior towards other passengers and crew.”



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