r/worldnews – Cecilia Chiang, Who Brought Authentic Chinese Food to America, Dies at 100

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Oct. 28, 2020.Updated 6:33 p.m. ET.Cecilia Chiang, whose San Francisco restaurant, the Mandarin, introduced American diners in the 1960s to the richness and variety of authentic Chinese cuisine, died on Wednesday at her home in San Francisco.

In a profile of Ms. Chiang in 2007, The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that her restaurant “Defined upscale Chinese dining, introducing customers to Sichuan dishes like kung pao chicken and twice-cooked pork, and to refined preparations like minced squab in lettuce cups; tea-smoked duck; and beggar’s chicken, a whole bird stuffed with dried mushrooms, water chestnuts and ham and baked in clay.”

Two years after arriving in Tokyo, Ms. Chiang opened a Chinese restaurant there, the Forbidden City, with a group of friends.

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