r/worldnews – Sweden shifts away from no-lockdown strategy amid growing case numbers

Yeah, what they are doing is moving away from the initial plan (that was in March) to one more similar to the neighboring counties, with heavy restrictions on nightlife and education and a system to gauge what is relevant at the moment. I happen to live in Denmark and it’s really not very locked down anymore. Copenhagen is dead after 10pm though, feels very surreal and small-town like. Masks are also mandatory in public transit and many shops.

The initial reaction of just shutting everything down like Denmark did and send everyone home isn’t relevant anymore. We know much more about the virus now and Sweden is acting accordingly. It’s entirely reasonable, why should they stick with their initial reaction for no good reason? They took a strictly science/economics/responsible freedom based approach from the beginning. They still are, like the rest of us. It’s more like the neighboring countries have approached the Swedish version more, but with more actual restrictions and less suggestions to behave. This is the style Sweden is planning to do now too, initially they just told people to be responsible and avoid unnecessary contact. Denmark told people to stay indoors and not to touch anyone for months.

Sweden is not abandoning the “Swedish model”, they’re following it just fine and adapting it to new knowledge on what works in our countries. Their plan was never to ignore the pandemic, it was to not panic, keep a close eye on the developments and not to restrict freedom unnecessarily. Meanwhile, people in Denmark are starting to criticise the government for overreacting initially, although the vast majority believe it was good leadership, and good leadership to switch away from that approach ASAP. Something like what we do now would have been preferable, but we didn’t know back then. Our solution was MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than Sweden’s though. The Danish government reimbursed a looooot of wages and lost earnings in affected businesses. We’ll have to see what the long term consequences are of that.

Except for no nightlife, hand sanitiser everywhere and masks in public transportation and restaurants, things feel pretty normal again now. It feels like the government has it under control and the current adaptive restrictions are effective.

American-style misinformation is spreading, but the govt is trying to handle it face on by having public Q&A sessions with conspiracy theorists where they provide evidence and argue against the conspiracies with a somewhat open mind. They are also targeting young people on social media to remind them there’s still a pandemic. I think it’s fairly effective but I’m not sure anyone really knows.

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