Salesman/Sales Specialist Jobs in Poland

Salesman/Sales Specialist Jobs in Poland

Labor Code

The Labor Code constitutes the basic and most important norm that regulates the relations between employers and workers. The Labor Code describes the conditions under which services can be provided in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The conditions set in the employment contracts and other legal acts based on which an employment relationship is created cannot be less advantageous for the worker than those established in the labor regulations.

As a general rule, the worker must be a person of legal age (18 years); however, it is possible to employ people who have not yet reached this age, under the conditions set in the labor code and related regulations.

 Working time

It is the time during which the worker remains available to the employer in the workplace or at another designated place, for the provision of services. Working time cannot exceed 8 hours a day and, on average, 40 hours for five days a week. However, the labor code foresees a deviation from this principle, for example in jobs that due to production circumstances cannot stop (the so-called work in continuous movement).

Overtime are those that take place outside the usual day. Work during overtime is allowed in the following cases:

•          Need to perform rescue actions or to preserve the health of people, protection of property or the environment, or repair of breakdowns

•          Special production needs

The number of overtime may not exceed 150 hours per year for each worker, unless the Collective Agreement, labor regulations in force in the company or employment contract provide otherwise. The weekly working time together with overtime cannot exceed 48 hours on average.

For work during overtime the worker, apart from normal compensation, is entitled to a supplement of:

•          100% of the remuneration during night hours, on Sundays and holidays, non-working days for the worker, as well as work-free days authorized to the worker for having worked on a Sunday or holiday according to their work schedule

•          50% of the remuneration for work any other day than those indicated above

•          100% of the remuneration for each hour of work that has exceeded the average weekly schedule established for a given time

The worker has the right to an uninterrupted rest of at least 11 hours a day and at least 35 hours a week.

Work during the night shift covers 8 hours between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. According to the labor code, it is considered a night worker, among others, the one that provides daytime services that covers at least 3 hours a day night shift. The night work time cannot exceed 8 hours a day when the worker provides services in especially dangerous activities or those that require special physical or intellectual effort. Night hours are remunerated with an increase of 20% of the minimum hourly wage.

The days off from work are Sundays and holidays set in the regulations. Work during Sundays and holidays is allowed in certain cases, among others:

•          Work in continuous movement

•          Shift work

•          Performing essential work for its public utility and maintenance of daily services

As a general rule, the worker who provides his services on Sundays and holidays is entitled to another day off from work.


The worker has the right to an uninterrupted annual paid vacation. The worker who begins to provide services for the first time, throughout the year in which he begins to work, is entitled to vacations, for each expired month of work, of 1/12 of the holiday period that corresponds to a worker with seniority 1 year minimum. The right to the following vacations corresponds to the worker as of each following calendar year.

The duration of the holidays is as follows:

•          20 business days – when the worker’s total service period is less than 10 years

•          26 business days – when the total period of service provision of the worker is equal to or greater than 10 years

To the period of seniority in the work on which the duration of the holidays depends the period of studies is added, eg:

•          Basic grade professional school – for the duration of studies, but 3 years maximum

•          Middle school professional school – for the duration of the studies, but a maximum of 5 years,

•          General Teaching Institute – 4 years

•          Post-high school – 6 years

•          High school – 8 years

These periods are not cumulative.

6. Liability of the worker for damages caused to the employer

The worker’s liability rules for damages caused to the employer depend on whether such damages have been caused voluntarily or involuntarily. In the event that the damage occurred involuntarily as a result of not having fulfilled or misapplied labor obligations, the worker’s liability is limited. The worker must then assume responsibility for the limit of the actual loss suffered by the employer and the compensation may not exceed the value of triple the worker’s salary. In case the damage had been caused voluntarily, the worker will respond for the damage in its full value.

7. Benefits paid by the employer during the period of temporary incapacity of the worker

•          Illness or isolation due to contagious disease, which lasts up to 33 days in full within the calendar year. – The worker is paid 80% of his salary, which will be paid by the employer; in the event that the disability exceeds 33 days, the worker receives a sickness benefit based on the provisions of the regulations

•          Accident “in itinere” or illness during pregnancy that lasts up to 33 days in its entirety throughout the calendar year. – The worker is responsible for 100% of the compensation paid by the employer. In the event that the disability exceeds 33 days, the worker will receive a sickness benefit in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding regulations

•          Assistance to compulsory medical examinations for candidates for donors of cells, tissues and organs, as well as to undergo interventions for their extraction, of up to 33 days in total during the calendar year. – The worker maintains the right to 100% of his compensation

In the event that the aforementioned temporary disability exceeds 33 days throughout the calendar year, the worker will receive a sickness benefit under the conditions established in the corresponding regulations.

Job detail:

Adecco Poland Sp. z o. o. belongs to the international corporation The Adecco Group – a global leader among HR consulting companies that has 5100 branches in over 60 countries. We have been operating in Poland since 1994. We provide our knowledge and experience in over 50 locations throughout the country. In 2018, nearly 52,000 people found work thanks to Adecco Poland. Adecco Poland Sp. z o. o. is Employment Agency No. 364.

Place of work: Trzcianka, Wałcz

Adecco Consulting Sp. z o. o. looking for: Specialist / IQOS Sales Specialist

to provide services on his behalf to his client Philip Morris Polska Distribution Sp. z o. o. the owner of the HEETS brand and the IQOS tobacco heating system.


• Full-time employment contract

• Basic salary from PLN 3,200 gross

• Transparent bonus system

• Work with an innovative product

• Work tools: company car, telephone, tablet

• Multisport card

• Private medical care

• Group insurance

• Ability to develop your sales skills


• You are an adult

• If you are interested in working in direct sales

• You have experience in acquiring new customers

• You have excellent communication skills

• You are focused on achieving your goals


• Independent search for new consumers among adult smokers

• Implementation of sales targets

• Product presentation and constant contact with your customers

• Customer after-sales care and presentation of IQOS accessories

• Work with an innovative product

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