UK Immigration or Settlement Visa

UK Immigration or Settlement Visa

Here we will talk about UK immigration/settlement/spouse/marriage and fiancé visa. There are many peoples who want to get an immigration visa to UK. There are many kinds of UK immigration visa as per names are shown above.

Most of people want to settle in UK but use illegal ways, which are normally done by non-professional agents and they charge huge amount for immigration visa under different ways.

To visit UK there are many ways as per we will mention below. We want to tell you that, there are many ways through which you can migrate to UK.


Spouse visa to migrate:

Most of the people migrate to UK through spouse or fiancé visa, which is most common nowadays. There are lots of things which are to be important to know every person who is interested to migrate UK. For spouse or fiancé visa, eligibility and other important information criteria are as follows:

  • Men and women must be greater than 18 of age
  • Monthly income of sponsor, fiancé or spouse must be grater then 18600
  • The spouse in UK must have 62000 UK pound from one year in bank account
  • If any family member already in UK and can support him/her so he/she can migrate to UK for settlement
  • Having rich financial status of the sponsor in UK can invite a person from other countries to migrate UK, even the person have no strong financial status

 Misconception in spouse visa:

Most of person says to clients that they can sent him/her to UK at the done base, and after reaching the UK you can apply for settlement visa through marriage. This one is not correct information and takes up to 4 years for a settlement visa, the UK high commission also say to go back to home country to apply for settlement again.

This is not the way that you can migrate to UK without marriage or spouse, it must need authentic documents from both of parties.

The things mentioned above, you have to keep in mind while reaching any person parsons who have visas for UK migration.

Other ways to migrate UK:

Above mentioned criteria was mentioned for common migrating criteria, in other hands, there are also some different ways to migrate UK, which are common for almost all the countries.

  • Migrating as a work professional to provide services in a specific field
  • Migrating as an investor, to invest and get a settlement is UK