USA Study Visa

USA Study Visa

USA offers more expensive but worthy and quality education in top universities. The students, having high living style, always look for best universities around the world. USA is best option for them with other countries like Canada and Australia. USA study is much costly but, has excellent worth around the world. Having USA degree you can enjoy high level of living style anywhere in the world.

There are two types of universities, in which government and private universities are involved. USA offer study visas every year around the world, if you can afford the study expenses, it would be the best option for you to get higher education from top universities around the world.


Important information about USA study visa:

Here we will mention basic aspects of USA study visa, which will provides you a brief outline of study visa in USA.

  • Acceptance latter is mandatory to apply for visa from university, from where you want to get study
  • Your professional CV, carrying your all study history will be required
  • You must need to show strong financial background to study abroad, it will show that you can afford all expenses in USA including study
  • You self bank account would be used to transfer money for your study, if you got money from your parents, you must be attach the transaction history and relation document of depositor
  • Degree fee always fluctuate according to your required degree plan and university chosen by you
  • There are different visa plans through which you can apply, it depends upon your financial status
  • If you have old passport, also attach it with your other documents
  • Having weak financial background and any type of ambiguous information can be the factor of visa rejection


Interview Scenario:

After applying visa to USA, you must be held for an interview at embassy, you must be prepared yourself for interview. Here we will discuss some frequently asked questions about study visa, keep these questions in your mind for interview.

  • You will be asked that, why you choose USA for your study plan?
  • What is your next plan after getting degree?
  • How you are strong by financially point of view?
  • You will be asked about your family background
  • Name/DOB/Address/contact numbers etc
  • You have to show your passport, having validity more than your study plan
  • Your study schedule in USA
  • Is there any person with you while studding in USA, like parents or friend
  • Have you visited to USA in past or not?


Work while studding in USA:

You cannot work in your first year of studding; you can apply for part time job in campus and out campus after one year of study.

  • “In campus” means that; you can work only in the surroundings of your education center.
  • “Out campus” means that, you can apply for job anywhere out of your education center
  • You can work part time and can work in full day on weekly holydays (Saturday Sunday)