Woman discovers ‘vile’ in pizza roll

A mother from Australia’s Sydney shared a video about her daughter’s “vile” discovery in a BBQ pizza purchased from a store located in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

A woman was shocked to discover dozen of maggots in a pizza roll she purchased from the store.

She told foreign news outlet that her daughter had already eaten half of the pizza when she noticed her “food was moving”.

The footage recorded by the customer shows at least 10 maggots under pieces of ham.

Warning: Graphic content
The mum and daughter found what appear to be maggots in the pizza.

“My daughter had asked me to buy her a BBQ Pizza. When she came home from school, she immediately started eating it…She was talking away to me and looked down and just screamed.”

The woman said she had chosen to raise awareness about the find because she was concerned about other families also finding “worms” in their food.

A spokesperson of the store told an international news outlet that the retail chain has launched an urgent investigation.



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